Mauritius Arbitration Week 2018

In Port Louis for the Mauritius Arbitration Week 2018. Kick-started my first of three speaking engagements lined up over the course of the week with a breakfast session titled, ‘Rule-Making in Commercial Law: Can Arbitration Centres Assist?’, which was part of the morning’s general theme of, ‘Fostering Greater Collaboration among ADR Institutions’. Had the privilege of sharing a panel with Sami Houerbi, Sarah Grimmer and Jalal (Jil) El Ahdab (Moderator), putting forward our respective institutional views on the several areas that were highlighted; how do centres fit within the overall general legal landscape in local jurisdictions, the need for judicial trainings & working together with judges, innovative contributions to the law of arbitration, dealing with ‘competition’ and the emerging trend of collaborating with peers. The future of arbitration definitely lies on a regional and collaborative approach with innovation and inclusiveness being important components.