Professor Sundra Rajoo featured on new committee of China’s top court

Delighted to have been appointed to the International Commercial Experts Committee to China’s Supreme People’s Court to advise the new Chinese International Commercial Court for a four-year term. With the Belt & Road Initiative as one of the key drivers of growth in East Asia and beyond, we will see disputes before Chinese courts, including in setting-aside proceedings, increase. The Asian International Arbitration Centre has positioned itself well to take on cross-border disputes from Belt & Road Initiative-contracts, in particular, and we will contribute to commercial growth in the region and beyond through capacity-building initiatives, like the recently founded Asian Institute of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

In the Committee, I very much look forward to working with the other experts Albert Jan van den Berg, Anna Mantakou, Anselmo Reyes, David Unterhalter, Donald Donovan, Emmanuel Gaillard, Fuldien Li, Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler, Gary Born, George Bermann, Hi-Taek Shin, Huang Jin, James Spigelman QC, Jingzhou Tao, Liu Jiangdong, Liu Song, Nayla Comair-Obeid, Neil Kaplan QC, Peter Malanczuk, Philip Yang, Rimsky Yuen, Shan Wenhua, Shen Sibao, Shi Jungxia, Sir William Blair, Susan Finder and Vladimir Kurilov. Report by Global Arbitration Review:  

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