Trade Disputes Solving Mechanisms – Poram Course (July 2009)

Trade Disputes Solving Mechanisms – based on talk delivered at “Operational and Commercial Aspect Of Palm Oil Trade” 10th & 11th August 2009

Although there are no statistics, it is generally accepted that a large number of disputes never get anywhere near lawyers. It is inevitable that parties will try to turn away from allowing disputes to fester until they mature into a state in which third party interventions become the only available option. It is now common in international trade for commercial entities to evaluate risks and develop mechanisms for early dispute evaluation and prevention.

In such circumstances, the parties assess whether it would be advantageous to implement a solution reflecting elements such as fairness, maintenance of long-term relationships and which of them will feel less pain in taking a hit.

It is suggested that an interest-based approach is not confined to a resolution that is based on rights claimed by the parties and remedies offered by the legal system, the mediator and the parties can probe more deeply to meet the disputants real interest and needs.